Pulp Fiction Wazzup

Download the Pulp Fiction Wazzup commercial! (17 MB, 5/9/2000)
(That is on my development machine at work, so pardon the up and down times)
It uses Intel Indeo 5 codec and it's like 17 meg, sorry to be a pain! It's a pretty good Wassup parody if I do say so myself.
It combines the audio from 2 of the Budweiser commercials, the first one with the intercom and the call-waiting one. That made it 60 seconds and gave me an opportunity to use more of the phone footage from Pulp Fiction.

My Pulp Fiction Budweiser commercial parody is now available in a more digestable 5 MB Bink EXE version. The larger 17 meg version is a higher quality, but not many people have made it through the whole download, or are frustrated without the right Indeo codec.

Some of the scenes I used:

Then pieced it all together in the Avid Cinema that came with my Matrox Marvel G200:

It was a fun all-nighter project, about 17 hours from conception to completion. At lunch I pondered all the scenes with people on the phone and assembled all the footage when I got home from work. I think it turned out pretty funny!

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