Jason's Favorite NY Style Pizza

I go for a true New York style - it's gotta have the NY pizza flavor. Any noteworthy NY style-inspired pizza attempt also makes my list. I like thin, kinda chewy crust. Oil dripping down the fold is another good sign.

Here are some pizza places around the Atlanta metro area that have made my list and I recommend. With several new contenders it has been difficult to maintain my ranking system, so instead I now have an alphabetical list of pizzas that have made the cut.

NY Style Pizza Box of Fame

Bella's Pizzeria

3599 Atlanta Road
Smyrna, GA

(770) 437-8056

Good NY style pizza, Bruce and Mario brought the New York city flavor with them to Atlanta.


4290 Bells Ferry,
Kennesaw, GA

(678) 445-8585

As close to the NY style pizza I remember as I've found. If I were to rank this list they'd probably be #1, enough said.

Capozzi's Pizza

2960 Shallowford (@ Sandy Plains),
Marietta, GA

(770) 321-1969

Excellent first few bites, and smelled terrific. But after a while the tomato sauce tasted sbarro-ish. I like it. Haven't tried the Roswell Rd location.

Il Forno

2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd,
Roswell, GA

(770) 643-OVEN (6836)

Almost as good as the rest but not a consistent performer - the tomato sauce sometimes takes over the flavor too much. Worth the trip, and new locations coming soon.


6623 Roswell Rd.
Atlanta (Sandy Springs), GA

(404) 256-3546

They've come and gone from this list over the years, it's been hard to make up my mind about this pizza. But in April 2004 I had a medium cheese pie at the Sandy Springs Ippolito's that put them back on the list after one bite.

New York Pizzeria, The

3354 Chamblee Tucker Rd
Atlanta, GA

(770) 457-4466

Caught me by suprise, I need to revisit them. But after half a large pie it definitely holds promise. (The large is very large, it was fatiguing towards the edges but maybe a medium will be just right)

(Also called just "Pizzeria")

Rosaria's Italian & Pizza

3103 Cobb Pkwy NW
Kennesaw, GA

(770) 975-9993

Another suprise, I only stopped by because the cook didn't show up to Luciano's down the road, and the name sounded like Rosario Dawson. It's a little thicker than my style but tasted very good.

RIP - Ligouri's on Old Alabama Connector in Roswell is gone but not forgotten.

My fast-food honorable mention goes to Pizza Hut for their Big New Yorker pizza. Though they carry Pepsi instead of Coke, Pizza Hut has a pretty good product in the Big New Yorker, at a decent price. It's much better while it's still hot, so eat quickly!

Other pizza places of the genre I've tried but did not make the list. (Though they're still very good)

(I've been to many other pizza places, but fine pizza establishments like Mellow Mushroom, Everybody's, Rocky's and CPK do not necessarily purport to be NY-style)

Yet to try:


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