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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Movie: The Specials

And now a quick movie review. I think I first heard of The Specials when that guy from filmthreat.com mentioned it on a DVDuesday on Attack of the Show. I should mention that while he seems much more knowledgeable about the film industry and the contents of the various releases every Tuesday, I much prefer to watch Kim Morgan paired with Sarah Lane.

The movie caught my eye for a couple more reasons aside from the Chris Gore recommendation. One, to catch more of the resurgence of Thomas Haden Church who was hilarious in Sideways but I hadn't thought of since he was Lowell. Two, to compare it to similar superhero fish-out-of-water movies like Mystery Men and the Incredibles.

It is a coincidence, but the Specials completed my triumvirate of adultery-themed movies I watched this week: Closer, Spanglish, and the Specials. I think between Jude Law, Clive Owen, Adam Sandler and Thomas Haden Church's characters, Church's "The Strobe" handles it the best. Rather than blubbering or demanding details of his wife's infidelity, the Strobe simply disbands the Specials, a sort of poor man's Superfriends.

The movie had a few chuckles, even during the DVD's main menu I thought the green person (Alien Orphan) was funny. I thought it was Tony Hale (Buster on Arrested Development) but it's not, it's somebody named Sean Gunn. The MTV Real World-style confessionals were funny, and the smartest man in the world (Mr. Smart) was pretty good. Also perhaps the best part of the movie is the absurd line of Specials action figures they come out with.

I'm not sure out of my 1-5 scale how to rate this one, possibly a 2.6. It wasn't quite good enough for a 3, which is sort of a "Glad I rented it."

Also noteworthy was that my copy from Netflix was in excellent condition. If you rent The Incredibles instead, it may be scratched beyond playability by all the kids watching it, though I concede that the Incredibles and Mystery Men were more enjoyable.

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