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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Baseball Drinking Game

This is a game you can play while watching a baseball game on TV or at the ballpark. Based on the outcome of each at-bat/plate appearance, a certain amount of drinks must be taken.

In these instructions, I will refer to the people playing the drinking game as Players, and the Major League Baseball players as the Batters. In other terminology, a drink is basically a gulp.

Players With 1-5 players, each is on their own team of one.
With 6 or more players, divide into teams of 2 or 3, with each team counting as 1 player
Turns Players take turns being up to bat. With each new batter in the real baseball game, it is the next player in the drinking game's turn being up. Depending on the outcome of the batter's plate appearance, either the player will drink or the other players will drink. It's difficult to explain, here is an example:

In this example, there are 3 people playing the drinking game while watching the Braves - Red Sox game from June 30, 2002.
Real Life Batter up to bat Drinking Game Player whose turn it is
Rafael FurcalATLPlayer 1
Julio FrancoATLPlayer 2
Gary SheffieldATLPlayer 3
Johnny DamonBOSPlayer 1
Carlos BaergaBOSPlayer 2
Nomar GarciaparraBOSPlayer 3
Manny RamirezBOSPlayer 1
Chipper JonesATLPlayer 2
Andruw JonesATLPlayer 3
Vinny CastillaATLPlayer 1
Darren BraggATLPlayer 2
Javy LopezATLPlayer 3
Shane HillenbrandBOSPlayer 1
Brian DaubachBOSPlayer 2
Doug MirabelliBOSPlayer 3
Jesse GarciaATLPlayer 1
Refael FurcalATLPlayer 2
Julio FrancoATLPlayer 3

Play repeats over and over with Players 1,2,3 in order. However, the batter changes with each new batter in the baseball game. Notice that whether the batter is on Atlanta or Boston does not matter. Also notice that the first time Rafael Furcal was up, Player 1 had him. The second time Furcal was up, Player 2 had him. The batters and teams are pretty evenly distributed.
Drinking The outcome of each batter's appearance dictates who drinks and how much. Basically, when your batter does poorly, you drink. When your batter does well, your opponents drink.

The following is a table of the drinking amounts, based on the possible outcomes:

Good Outcomes Opponents drink Bad Outcomes You drink
Walk 1 Strikeout 3
Single 1 Groundout 2
Double 2 Hit into double play 3
Triple 3 Fly out 1
Homerun Half a beer Hit into triple play Whole beer
Hit by pitch Half a beer
Grand slam Whole beer

Other Outcomes Both drink
Fielder's choice1
Reach on error2
Fan interferenceWhole beer
Caught stealing
(Does not end current turn
unless it ends the inning)
Example Here is our example list of batters and players again, this time with the outcomes and drinking amounts filled in:

In this example, there are 3 people playing the drinking game while watching the Braves - Red Sox game from June 30, 2002.
Real Life Batter up to bat Current Player Outcome Current Player Drinks Other Players Drink
Rafael FurcalATLPlayer 1 Walk 1
Julio Franco
(Furcal caught stealing)
ATLPlayer 2 Caught stealing22
Julio Franco
(Player 2 still up)
ATLPlayer 2 Flyout1 
Gary SheffieldATLPlayer 3 Flyout1 
Johnny DamonBOSPlayer 1 Flyout1 
Carlos BaergaBOSPlayer 2 Single 1
Nomar GarciaparraBOSPlayer 3 Flyout1 
Manny RamirezBOSPlayer 1 Groundout2 
Chipper JonesATLPlayer 2 Single 1
Andruw JonesATLPlayer 3 Strikeout3 
Vinny CastillaATLPlayer 1 Single 1
Darren BraggATLPlayer 2 Hit by pitch Half a beer
Javy LopezATLPlayer 3 Hit into double play3 
Shane HillenbrandBOSPlayer 1 Flyout1 
Brian DaubachBOSPlayer 2 Strikeout3 
Doug MirabelliBOSPlayer 3 Flyout1 
Jesse GarciaATLPlayer 1 Groundout2 
Refael FurcalATLPlayer 2 Flyout1 
Julio FrancoATLPlayer 3 Flyout1 

Courtesy Common drinking game courtesy is to go to the kitchen or to the beer stand if you cause someone to drink and finish their current beer.
Double Stakes If any of the drinking game players participate in fantasy or rotisserie baseball, any batter on their roster playing in the baseball game will have double stakes, regardless of which drinking game player is up.
A strikeout will be 6 instead of 3, and homeruns will be a whole beer instead of a half.
In lieu of fantasy baseball players, you can arbitrarily select a player from each team for double stakes such as a favorite player or a player from your college.
It may seem complicated just reading about it, but once you start playing it is very easy. Just keep track of whose turn it is, and have the drinking rules handy. Enjoy!


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