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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tron Marquee

Away went the Bloodstorm and the cardboard+sharpee marquees. This look is obviously Tron-inspired. You may recognize the symbol from the Tron 2.0 video game. (Is "recognize" a pun there?)


I had a much better graphic artist Mica draw up some "Jason's Classic Arcade" looks, and here are all the ideas he came up with. If you are another Jason, have at these! Otherwise perhaps these will help with ideas. I know the video game character montage is tempting, but I was trying for something slicker and less busy. Click the images for large 1024 pixel wide versions.

The first two are sort of Pac Man maze looks:

This third one adds some Mario and other video game characters and I liked the cursive font:

Now a more space theme, with Space Invaders sprites:

Finally (duh) I suggested a Tron motif, since my front end software was already heavily Tron-ized. I supplied some images from Tron Sector from the movie and video games, and the rest is history:

Tron Sector is at
Also props to for printing out the marquee and helping fine-tune the graphics.


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