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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Theater Curtains and Screen

After a long hunt I found some nice burgundy drapery for the movie theater curtain effect, at Sears. The photo's kind of dark but they're wine colored. Down below the screen is black felt from Jo-Ann's.

Of course there is also a real screen! I got this one:

Da-lite DAPW5067CV Perm-Wall Screen - 50 x 67" - 84" Diagonal

Here is a better look at the screen and curtain.

When looking for the right curtain or drapery, it needed to be kind of a darker shade of red to absorb as much light as possible (and not reflect pink onto the screen). Also there was a lot of shiny fabric out there, or with big plastic buttons, both of which might create some distracting effects in the room. And half of the curtains I saw were "tab top," which would just expose the wall and curtain rod across the top of the wall.

Finally, I was glad to take a big section of blackout cloth from my previous screen and fasten it tightly across the window opening. (Just with staples) The room became more light-controlled than with the large cardboard sheet I was using over the window.


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