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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Presto Pizzazz Frozen Pizza Cook Times

If you own a Pizzazz, you know that you can take the instructions included with a frozen pizza and throw them out the window. The guidelines printed on the Pizzazz itself are a good starting point, but only through experience can one find the right times for the various brands of frozen pizza.

Here are some of the cooking times I have experimented with, along with my results. All of my pizzas have been cheese pizza, so the Upper setting has not come into play at all. If the exact make & model you are cooking does not appear in the list, try to find a pizza of a similar net wt.

If you enjoy a frozen pizza several times a week, or even just once in a while, I recommend the machine. You might never use your oven again.

Pizza Size Lower Dual Outcome Notes
Kroger Deluxe Pizza, Extra Cheese 20.5 oz 7 9+ good Looks good, maybe 10 dual next time. Some cheese still segmented.
Kroger Cheese Pizza (90 cent) 6.9 oz 0 9 Ok Pizzazz cooks it better than oven does. Usually leaves stains on the pizzazz tray.
Kroger Four Cheese Self Rising Crust 29.5 oz 11 11 Good No complaints.
DiGiorgo Rising Crust Pizza 29.4 oz 11+ 10+ fair Center (top) was dark, bottom crisp. I had "DiGiorgo" written in my notes, I assume it was DiGiorno, but who knows?
DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza, 4 Cheese (small) 12 oz 8 9 Good 8+9 was better than 9+9. Cheese comes off easily, let it sit.
Tombstone Oven Rising Crust, 3 Cheese 29.25 oz 11 11 Good Top done a little too much, try 11 + 10 next time.
Tombstone Original Extra Cheese (large) 20.5 oz 11 8 Good  
Tombstone Original Extra Cheese (small) 11.25 oz 8 8 Good This is my main frozen pizza. 7+7 also works. Don't go more than 8 on dual or the cheese will burn.
Freschetta Bakes & Rises 4-Cheese 26.85 oz 12 10 Better Looked good at 8½ minutes on dual. Top still maybe too long, some brown areas. Maybe 13+9 next time. Comes out very thick, fluffy.
Freschetta Bakes & Rises 4 Cheese (small) 11.15 oz 9 8 Ok  
Red Baron Bake to Rise 4-Cheese ? 11 10 Very Good Top not burnt, but some brown spots. Bottom edges a little dark. Not as fluffy as Freschetta, but very good.
Home Run Inn Cheese Pizza ? 0 11 Poor Top and bottom even: Dual only. Very dense crust, but not thick. Not good at all. Maybe cook longer. (or not at all)
Publix Premium Self Rising Crust, 4 Cheese 29.43 oz 13 9 Ok Make sure pizza is centered so the center cooks evenly.
Note: The Harris Teeter brand pizzas have been omitted since our local stores are gone.

Here are the general guidelines printed on the Pizzazz itself, for completeness:


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